My New Online Piano Studio Set-Up

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For the past seven years of teaching, I’ve been using my trusty old ThinkPad laptop. There are times that it works very slow, especially if multiple programs are running simultaneously. After much deliberation, I decided it’s worked hard enough. It’s ready for retirement. 

(Because I definitely didn’t want it to crash in the middle of a lesson – that would have been terrible).

So, naturally, I called my brother – the master of all things tech. And it became clear that I needed a sweet new computer which would be much more powerful than what I had. So how could I possibly afford to buy such a crazy fast and powerful computer? To build one, of course! He even helped me purchase all the components. 

Last weekend, I headed to my brother’s house to build the computer. I have to say, it was easier than I thought it would be (apparently building computers has become easier over the years). I did a good amount myself under his direct supervision 😊

I packed it up, drove the 3.5 hours home, and set everything up fairly quickly. Wow. I love this thing. It’s so fast and should last for years of online piano lessons

It was a fun project and a fantastic gift to myself that just happened to fall on my birthday weekend. What more could one ask for? 

Check out the photos of us building and the final studio setup!

Men fixing computer CPU
Adult men building computer CPU
Computer Central Processing Unit without cover
Computer CPU with backlight

And yes, this is my current set-up now! I have two monitors where I can see my calendar/OBS or other lesson software and my ongoing Zoom lesson. I also have a mixer to ensure the audio is adjusted and working well. 

Two monitors and piano keyboard
CPU and computer monitor
Audio Mixer and Keyboard

It’s incredible how technology can allow us to connect and learn, even if we are in different parts of the world! Looking forward to enjoying this set-up for years to come! 😍😊

Happy playing! 

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