Online Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for Adults

If you want to become the next famous concert pianist ASAP, this program isn’t for you. If you want an intense experience where the teacher (virtually) slaps your wrist with a ruler, this program isn’t for you.

This program is for you if you want to reach your goals, playing music you love. Emphasis is on enjoying that process in a fun, relaxed way. Plain and Simple.

What Our Piano Lessons Are Like

Here’s what you can expect when you join our unique Online Piano Classes:

A low-key, relaxed environment.

Learn to read music and play with chords.

Tailored coaching including (but not limited to) repertoire selection, improvisation, playing by ear, in-depth theory, sight reading, composition, and more.

Play your favorite music from the popular and classical traditions. That includes oldies, spirituals/hymns, broadway musicals, Beethoven, movie themes, blues, jazz, and much more.

Participate in class at your comfort level. Actively participate or observe.

You won't be called on and expected to perform “on the spot."

Learn concepts at your own pace and get live personalized coaching.

Post practice videos on our private Classroom if you want extra teacher feedback.

There are no required recitals to stress over.

High quality materials and the latest in educational technology.

Learn how to play in front of others - if that's what you want.

What’s different about this program? You’ll get live, personalized coaching in a relaxed atmosphere, which is rare in online lessons. There are no “add ons” or hidden costs. You get everything I know to help you succeed in playing from the very beginning. 

In this program, there is a step by step method for learning to read music. You will learn how to sit down and play something you’ve never seen before. You will get the concepts to understand what chords are and how they work. You will be able to unlock these mysteries and use them to make your playing sound professional. Overcome challenges with an experienced teacher and cutting-edge technology solutions.

Emphasis is on reaching your goals at every level. It’s not about the teacher’s goals or anyone else’s. I help you navigate challenges so you can master skills and progress to a higher playing level.

Don’t have an instrument to play at home? Get help finding the right instrument in your budget on our resource page. When you play at home you’ll have access to all live class recordings for practice support. Post your practice videos on our private online Classroom to get instructor feedback.

How much do lessons cost?  Rates are reasonable. You choose between standard monthly tuition or a yearly membership rate.  Private lesson slots are limited and subject to availability. There is a 100% guarantee for the first two lessons. Join for two (2) class sessions to see if the program will work for you. If not, get a refund, no questions ask

Meet Some of Our Studio Members

What You Need to Join the Classes

Camera & Mic Enabled Device

Fast Internet Service

Weighted Keyboard or Acoustic Piano

Zoom Platform Free Download

Text for Beginners: Piano Fun for Adult Beginners by Brenda Dillon

Optional: headphones

How to Get Started

Interested in learning to play? Here’s how to get started:

Step #1:

The best way to see if lessons are a good fit for you is to set up a phone consult with me. We’ll go over your musical background, instrument recommendations, tuition options and set up help. 

Step #2:

You’ll receive an email confirmation of our scheduled phone meeting within 24 hours.

Step #3:

We’ll chat at your chosen day & time. If you decide to enroll you’ll receive your Welcome Packet, which includes detailed set-up tips, along with everything you’ll need before your first class. 

Schedule a Free Phone Consult

A free phone consultation includes your musical background assessment, instrument recommendations, set up assistance and tips on how to get the most out of online lessons.