Piano with Amy, Summer Workshop Week, July and August 2022

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What a blast we’ve had this Summer in our workshops and studio events! 

Our Summer Online July and August Workshops included three special-themed classes. We also had two studio socials to keep everyone connected, seeing familiar and new faces. Everyone received Zoom links to attend live workshops of their choice. There were three different classes to select from this Summer. All students met live via Zoom for their class Monday-Thursday. All studio members received recordings of workshops to watch at their convenience.

Here are the Workshop Classes from our Online Summer Workshop:

Playing Musically: Creating Beautiful Sounds at the Piano

  • We discussed Theory, Form, and Performance Practice in music.  
    • We looked at different ways we could study and interpret our music, which then impacted our musical choices at the piano.
  • We also looked at Expressive Markings in musical examples.
    • This includes everything from Character Markings to Dynamics and Articulation markings. 
    • We discovered there’s a lot to notice in our music!

Theory Time: The Curious Case of the Secondary Dominant

  • We discussed our Scales and how they help us determine our Chords which naturally occur in any given key signature. 
  • We learned about Tonic and Dominant chord relationships and how they relate to Secondary Dominant chord relationships. 
  • We found and labeled chords in our pop lead tunes, including tonic, dominant, and secondary dominant chords. We discovered how common they are in our music!

Summertime Fun: Playing With Chord Charts

  • We studied how to play from a chord chart and the creative decisions which determine what is played with the right and left hand. 
  • We studied theory, especially how to build three and four note chords at the piano.
  • Everyone worked on learning a chord chart of their choice!

Several studio members also participated in a local music festival in mid-July! The 18th annual Nature and Water Music Festival was put on by the Anne Arundel Music Teachers Association. We had both in-person and Zoom performance opportunities. We had a photo op afterwards with our beautiful certificates. Congrats to all who participated!

We enjoyed our Summer time together, although it feels like it went by in a flash. We especially enjoyed getting to know each other and sharing our Summer plans at our studio socials.

We are looking forward to Fall lessons and studio events, which include a special Halloween Jam in a couple of months! I can’t wait to see what our coming music ventures will bring. 

Take care of yourself! May music bring you joy and wellness always!

Interested in learning piano online? Don’t hesitate to contact us.