What Students are Saying

Read on to hear what others say about the studio.

More Testimonials from Some of our Students

What Students Are Playing

Matt shows off an arrangement of “Under The Sea” he prepared for the AAMTA’s Summer Water Music Festival. Matt takes private lessons in the studio.

Our anonymous student is a little camera shy but didn’t mind sharing “Nadiouchka,” a gorgeous lyrical piece by French composer, Nathalie Bera-Tagrine. As a group lesson student, she played this for a special Workshop Masterclass.

Maria shares a beautiful beginner arrangement of “Unchained Melody.” This is a piece everyone gets to learn in our book for beginners. As a working adult, she enjoys small group lessons in the evening. 

Our anonymous student loves Jazz! Here, she is working up her own rendition of a favorite Jazz Standard, “Autumn Leaves.” She takes private lessons in the studio.

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