Wellness in Uncertain Times, MTNA Pedagogy Saturday 2021

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Teaching Piano for Adults is never about piano alone. It's about cultivating joy and wellness. It’s about nurturing our souls and our minds.

I’ve been a member of the Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA) for almost 15 years. Last January, I was invited to give a short virtual talk, highlighting our studio and sharing my wellness strategies in regard to self-care during the ongoing pandemic.

The talk was aired at the annual MTNA (Virtual) Conference, Saturday, March 13th, along with eight featured studios across the US and Canada. Since the video itself was limited to eight minutes total, I had only a short time to share a bit about our studio and my personal wellness goals. 

You can take a listen to the video to hear more about our studio and my take on maximizing self-care during (and after:) this time. You can also view the handout which includes more online resources I found helpful, but that I didn’t have time to share during the video. 

I hope this will be helpful to you, especially if you struggle with taking care of yourself as I have in the past. Here’s to prioritizing self-care – so we can do everything else we need to do – in the present and future…and until next time, 

Take care and stay well!