Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano With Amy offers piano lessons for adults. Our unique online lesson style sets you on your way to become a piano player and play beautiful music in a matter of weeks, not years. Most studio members enjoy online lessons in the comfort of their homes. On-site lessons are available as well if you’re a local and prefer an in-person experience. 

Hi, I'm Your Piano Teacher

I LOVE teaching adults how to play the piano. There’s no greater joy than helping you reach your goals. That might be sitting down to play Happy Birthday at a family gathering. It might be to improvise confidently in a jazz style. It might be to gain the peace and relaxation of playing for yourself. I very much see myself as your coach – a positive support person to help you see where you are and how to advance to the next level. I’m interested in what works. Results matter. My students are important to me!

Hands-on Lessons from Day 1

Most people are a little nervous about their first piano lesson. It can be difficult to be an expert as an adult and a beginner at the piano. Don’t worry, those feelings are normal! All sessions are in a relaxed, safe space, which is necessary for creativity and fun! You will have tailored coaching in your areas of interest from the very beginning. You will build strong fundamentals which will help you progress to higher playing levels. You will have expert guidance and support every step of the way.

LIVE Online Teaching

Learn from a Nationally Certified and experienced teacher in real-time! Most beginner piano lessons out there are instructional in nature. This means you have information but not a lot of support when challenges arise. This is especially true regarding pre-recorded programs without live instruction. Most adults need live feedback from an expert in order to overcome challenges and prevent bad habits. Our flipped classroom model allows you to progress through the material at your own pace and work through challenges in a live setting.

Meet Friends who also Love Piano

Connect with other adult piano students! One of the best things you can do while learning is surrounding yourself with other pianists! Our group class sizes are small so you can get to know your classmates. We foster a friendly atmosphere and encourage student interaction. Some students prefer private lessons, and enjoy getting to know others through our studio socials and special workshops. 

Absolute Adult Beginners are Welcome!

Welcome to piano lessons for beginners! Whether you have zero previous experience or had lessons long ago, our program is designed with you in mind. You’ll learn how to play in a step-by-step process while building strong fundamentals. You will master skills and then learn to layer or combine skills with expert guidance. Live lessons with real-time feedback helps you progress at an optimum pace and avoid bad habits. Best of all, you’ll be learning in a safe, relaxed space with lots of laughter and support!

Different Ways of Playing the Piano

Did you know there are a number of different skills you can learn at the piano? You can learn to read music, play using chords, or even play by rote (without music). Some adults want to learn to play formally for others, while others only want to play for themselves. There is no “one size fits all” approach in our studio. Tailored coaching includes (but is not limited to) your choice to read sheet music & chords, repertoire selection, improvisation, play by ear, music theory, sight-reading, arranging, composition, practice planning, and more.

Choose Your Class

In-Person Lessons

Learn to play one-on-one coaching with me at our unique local studio in Owings, Maryland. This option is limited due to the pandemic. Please reach out to know more about our current class offerings and private lesson availability.


Online Lessons

Learn the piano anytime and anywhere! Read sheet music and play your favorite classical music in the comfort of your home, in any part of the world. Join our special Zoom classes and we’ll enjoy working at the piano keys like we're right next to each other.


What Students Are Saying

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Schedule a Free Phone Consult

A free phone consultation includes your musical background assessment, instrument recommendations if needed, set up assistance, and tips on how to get the most out of piano lessons. Ready to start? Schedule an appointment with me. I hope it works out to chat!